A Mission is a common consensus between the Product and a Hero Squad that describes the work to be done during a Mission Cycle. A Mission has the following characteristics:

  • Defines a clear GOAL
  • Explains WHY it is important
  • Describes the CONSTRAINTS (e.g. time, scope, budget)
  • Sets an expected OUTCOME

Primary and secondary objectives

A Mission may be described using maturity levels. Maturity levels are important as they help Squads focus on the most important elements first, and mature as development and/or investment to the effort continues.

The best way to describe maturity levels of a feature in Agile Squads is by setting one Primary objective and a set of Secondary objectives. The Primary objective is the first and most important milestone for a Hero Squad to reach. Should they succeed on a Primary objective within a Mission Cycle, they may continue work, conquering the Secondary objectives.