Created by
Mike Giannakopoulos

Last update
February 27, 2020

Mission presentation

Presentation template holding the important parts needed to present a mission to the team.


Defining and clearly communicating a mission has some challenges around finding the correct balance of information to keep people interested and educated, yet not overwhelmed and feeling bored. This addon provides a template to address these issues.

You can get a copy of the template here

What is included in this mission presentation?

This presentation is encompassing all the important items of the Mission definition. Special attention is paid in exposing the problem and value of this mission, to help everybody understand the importance of this mission.

In detail the presentation includes:

  • An introduction on the mission's topic and prioritized goals with a short description of the problem that each goal is addressing
  • A problem definition slide
  • A high level list for affected users/customers, open questions and success metrics
  • A dedicated slide on the mission's value
  • A definition for the mission end, containing release items and post-release actions
  • An appendix slide, containing more helpful links for the mission

How to use the mission presentation?

The presentation template acts as a checklist of items and questions that need an answer before considering a mission ready to be presented on a broader audience.

Taking into account speed of agile as well as importance of lean work, the presentation can be your starting point with a mission. Simply filling up each slide you will have to do just the required work needed without wasting extra time and effort for the details (working lean). By the time the presentation is complete, you will be ready to dive deeper in a document explaining in more details your findings and requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mission presentation can act as a live document once the Hero squad starts working on the mission, specifically extending the appendix slide with more links on documents and work that the squad is producing.

Get your copy of the template here